Words, Sometimes

Sometimes I use my words instead of taking pictures. It's a challenge. But, I like it. So here it goes.

"That's so New Orleans," you'll hear people say.  Or, "You just won't get it until you go there."

It's true.

New Orleans is a special kind of place. There are a few image-provoking words that come to mind when I think of walking around that ol' city under the sea. 

First of all, people don't drink water there. You don't have to. You breathe it in all day. It soaks through the skin. The humidity is beyond comprehension. You learn to choose your clothes wisely in the morning, because by the end of the day they're sticking to every roll and bulge you were previously trying to cover. And your hair will curl the same way it does when you walk  into hot yoga. A hot kitchen with too many chefs. A previously-showered-in bathroom without the vent on. An over-heated wooden sauna. That's it. Think: massive, over-heated sauna. Bingo. You'll get it when you go there. 

The early morning streets smell of sewage, honey suckles, and local bakery perfection of sweet pralines. It's a strange mix. A new twist on bittersweet. Mornings smell best--even with the sewage and freshly-place trash on the sidewalks. At night, it smells of puked alcohol, tourists who either forgot deodorant or don't know how to use it, and cream-based, gut-busting dinners. Take your pick. Pass out on the trolley through the night if you want a fast action play of both. 

On a lighter (and breathable note), in Spring, Japanese Tulips bloom elegantly and leave a wind-blown trail of cupcake-pink petals. In the mornings, you witness bottle-covered, bead-strewn porches wake slowly, expanding in the ever-present humidity. Large, tall French doors with perfectly-placed curtains display elegant french chairs. The sun finally makes its way through the canopy of lush trees and dapples the uneven, root-stricken pavement. It's hurts your running knees just like any other. It reminds you that as strange and singular it is, New Orleans is still a city. Just like any other. The trees still sway, if there's ever a breeze. And, the rain still comes. It just stays longer, smells worse, and falls harder. 

 New Orleans is just a place you have to experience for yourself. Go visit, take a raincoats, and don't forget to wear deodorant. Because, you know-- you just won't get it until you go there. 



Crossfit 616

I got to do a little promo for the Michigan weightlifting team recently. It's not all wins and cheers. These guys and gals are tough. They test their limits, push their best PRs, and work hard against the odds. Great job, guys!