Back in Charleston (ish)

So, I'm technically back in Charleston (though my blog has pinned me in Manhattan Beach for quite some time now). I fell off the blogging train. I loved my trip so much that I pulled out my film cameras and just became completely consumed. It was a creative escapade. A dream. A flighty glimpse of total freedom. In fact, I've already flown back to Austin to do some more work (see my Instagram for more up-to-date shouts). 

In between shoots here in Austin, I landed by recommendation at Hotel San Jose. The wisteria has just begun to bloom. There's that ideal springtime breeze that blends just right with the sun-- it's not too hot in the sun and just cool enough in the shade for a light sweater. When I come back to Austin, I'll be staying here. What a cozy, gorgeous, well-styled place right in the middle of downtown.