I've been trying to explain that trip that I took two years ago at this time in an eloquent, concise, and well delivered manner.

But, I'm just not good at that. To most, it seemed sporadic, reactionary, unprofitable, and impractical.  

I understand. Why would a person voluntarily put 7000+ miles on an already well-loved SUV? Why, after spending nearly $3000 fixing it, would you ever put your car through this drive, specifically, the desert? Why would you spend your hard-earned money on a trip that may or may not be profitable? Is this just for fun? Or is it work? 

And, in turn, I have given some long-winded, beat-around-the-bush answers. Because, I just didn't (and still don't) have the words for it.  

But, Tom Brady of the New York Times Weekly, does

 "Every life-altering decision I've ever made has seemed, at first blush, misguided, misjudged or plain foolish," he wrote, "and ultimately turned out to be the opposite: every seemingly wrong person I've fallen for, every big trip I have splurged on, every great apartment taken that I could not realistically afford." 

"His career move at age 48 – coming to New York City to try to make a life as a writer – revealed his impractical side. And the more he cultivated that side, he said, the better off he was." 

Brady wrote this in an article one morning titled "Cultivating Our Impractical Sides" and he wrote it so well.