Official City List

And so it begins! It's here: The official city list. Below are the cities I'll be headed to and the approximate dates I'll be there. If you're in or around these cities, I would love to meet for coffee and see/hear the best of what each city has to offer. Of course, I'll have my photo gear in tow and will snap some portraits, stories, and events along the way. Feel free to comment below or contact me through email with suggestions, questions, or leave a note. Let's go! 

Columbia  JAN 15

Atlanta JAN 15-17

Birmingham JAN 17-18

Jackson JAN 18-19

Baton Rouge JAN 19-21

Shreveport JAN 21-23

Tyler Jan 23

Dallas JAN 23-26

Waco JAN 26

Austin JAN 26-30

El Paso JAN 31-FEB 1

Phoenix FEB 1-3

LA FEB 3-5

HWY 1 FEB 5-7

San Fran 7-11