Windshield wipers. That's what I forgot. Those are game changers. Mine are so old they smear the water across the windshield like Vaseline. This was the weather for most of my drive from Columbia to Atlanta: rainy, foggy, and bright lights against a jet black sky.


I found my self in that old school 10-and-2 position with my shoulders to my ears, squinting to try and see the lane changes. Oddly, it was a regular switch between that and sitting back with my foot propped up on the dash in standstill traffic. Bizarre driving weather. 


I was too busy thinking about the Norman Rockwell exhibit from the Columbia Museum of Art to stress about the weather. I got there 15 minutes before they closed, so they whisked me on in for free! Rockwell painted from photographs because his models (neighbors and friends) wouldn't be able to hold positions as long as he needed. So, he struggled with whether to call himself a photographer or artist. He felt-at first-he was cheating, but said "The essential ingredient in every one of my finished paintings is me--my feelings, ideas, skills. I challenge anybody to show me when I started to use photographs."

I could say something similar about photography. Anyone can take the pictures I'm taking, but each are a product of my feelings, ideas, and skills. No one can duplicate my exact frame, composition, or light. 

So, with that in mind. I hope you enjoy the set I'll send tomorrow. Less words, more pictures!