If You're Ever In NOLA

This is a list of 31 suggestions how to see and leave NOLA:

  1. Rent a place in the Garden District through AirBnB
  2. Shop at fancy places
  3. …Or get caught window shopping
  4. Ride the Trolley
  5. Appreciate the breeze, albeit humid while on said trolley
  6. Visit local bookstores
  7. Note the french architecture
  8. Run into small, talented street bands
  9. Join a second line
  10. Visit with chefs while they're making your meal
  11. Respect signs (even if they're in French)
  12. Talk to strangers in bars
  13. Find out stranger is actually awesome artist who has a studio down the street
  14. Visit studio of aforementioned artist (which has a window entrance to a massive porch)
  15. Eat again
  16. It's a small place, so of course the chef knows your cousin. Meet him, hug him, thank him.
  17. See a huge brass band in a tiny bar
  18. Designate an audience member to join the brass band
  19. Listen to him put them in their place
  20. Watch out for the trombone!
  21. Fan the drummer
  22. Be rapped at in French
  23. …From the bar
  24. Fall on your derrière
  25. Snap a picture of the band name while you're down there
  26. Appreciate your gorgeous friends
  27. Dance with the locals
  28. Drink a little/Sing a little
  29. Let loose! 
  30. Have a good pair of shades to hide your debauchery from the night before
  31. Take a jet home.

And leave the Mardi Gras beads on for as long as you can, would ya? Enjoy, y'all!