The Happiest

This has to be the happiest family I have ever photographed. I told her, "I don't know how you get five children ready for a photoshoot. Much less have all of them be happy and ready to roll. And on top of that, you look phenomenal, you're on time, and you seem so calm." It's true. Five kids. Glowing. On time. Ready to roll. She has to be superwoman. Has to.

Twelve Ordinary Women contacted me about doing a benefit shoot for this sweet family. Right before their fifth child was born, the husband was diagnosed with ALS. With that, there is a long road and a lot of unknowns ahead. Sure we played games and made silly faces and had fun, but when I pulled just the two of them aside to take pictures it was like I was photographing an engagement shoot. They were so undeniably in love. The way she laughed with him and the way he adored her simply changed my day. I can't lie, I'm a mush. I cry at every wedding I photograph, so this was no different. It was so sweet. I hope this incredible Charleston family is overwhelmed with love and support. If you'd like to do something for them, please contact me through my website.