Family Time

Maybe, what I love most, is a little film, a little open space. Whether a couple has one, two, or three. I try to make time for everyone. Even just mom and dad. 


Design Days 2017

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Syndicate Sales, I had the opportunity to travel to Santa Barbara to meet with a great group of florists from all over the world.

I was sent to document a beautiful event called Design Days, which took place in the gardens of Lotusland.  The attendees worked with many stand out florists in the industry including Amy OsabaAriella ChezarHitomi Gilliam, Francoise Weeks,  Holly Chapple , Alicia SchwedeDavid & Leanne Kesler, and Emily Carter & John Daly. Attendees worked on many projects and bouquet styles with each guest speaker. Attendees also worked to construct an amazing table scape with Holly Chapple and Syndicated Sales.

Even though most days were filled with rain, there was little fog. The skies were clear and you could see in all directions-- an event that only happens in January, so we were told. 

Thanks to everyone for such a wonderful event. Looking forward to next year! 




I've been trying to explain that trip that I took two years ago at this time in an eloquent, concise, and well delivered manner.

But, I'm just not good at that. To most, it seemed sporadic, reactionary, unprofitable, and impractical.  

I understand. Why would a person voluntarily put 7000+ miles on an already well-loved SUV? Why, after spending nearly $3000 fixing it, would you ever put your car through this drive, specifically, the desert? Why would you spend your hard-earned money on a trip that may or may not be profitable? Is this just for fun? Or is it work? 

And, in turn, I have given some long-winded, beat-around-the-bush answers. Because, I just didn't (and still don't) have the words for it.  

But, Tom Brady of the New York Times Weekly, does

 "Every life-altering decision I've ever made has seemed, at first blush, misguided, misjudged or plain foolish," he wrote, "and ultimately turned out to be the opposite: every seemingly wrong person I've fallen for, every big trip I have splurged on, every great apartment taken that I could not realistically afford." 

"His career move at age 48 – coming to New York City to try to make a life as a writer – revealed his impractical side. And the more he cultivated that side, he said, the better off he was." 

Brady wrote this in an article one morning titled "Cultivating Our Impractical Sides" and he wrote it so well.

Porch Days

We considered lots of places to take photos, but the easiest and perhaps most beautiful and personal is usually at home. This is the home these two (two!) little babes will come home to, so I thought it would be special to show what life was like just before they got there. And even though it was overcast, the film came through beautifully. 

Shot on Mamiya, Portra 400

South Street Inn

South Street Inn is possibly the most beautiful bed and breakfast in Charlottesville, Virginia. It sits only two blocks from Main Street and even had a complimentary wine and cheese hour for guests. I was there for the Look3 Festival and it was worth every penny. I walked away refreshed with so much new information, inspiration and focus. Already looking forward to next year-- to both! 

Travel Dates

Back on the Road!

Recently, I've been traveling with and documenting some promo for Food Lion. It's been a whirlwind and tons of fun. For those who know me, you know I love nothing more than the open road. I'm excited to share some more destinations with you. From here until August, I'll be visiting the following cities for various work reason and would love to connect, collaborate, or just grab a coffee. I'll continue to be available in my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. Give me a shout! Looking forward to seeing you!

Mooresville, NC

Charlotte, NC

Austin, TX

Columbia, SC

Chicago, IL

Atlanta, GA

Richmond, VA

Myrtle Beach, SC

Roanoke, VA

Virginia Beach, VA

Wilmington, NC

San Francisco, CA

Napa Valley, CA



Mike's Meal Ticket

I went into this trip with a vague idea of how it was going to go. By the end, we all sat in the truck laughing, yet stupefied by the same thing. I sat in the front seat listening to my brother explain how rare and bizarre it was that we caught anything at all, much less a Steelhead. We didn't even take a net with us. Nothing was going to happen. But, I picked a fly with not only immense luck, but a bizarre and fantastic name: Mike's Meal Ticket. And, that, it was. 

Wycliffe Gordon

Wycliffe joined the Charleston Jazz Orchestra last week, covering the best of Louis Armstrong. Boy, did they nail it. They even stood up and sang the most beautiful rendition of the Happy Birthday Song to Pat--who has never missed a Charleston Jazz Orchestra show ever. They presented her with roses and a standing ovation from the entire crowd. She sits front row every time, keeping rhythm on her walker seat. She's a spit fire! Happy Birthday, Pat! 

The Favorite and Online Store

First, thanks to everyone who came out to the Opening at Collective Coffee. It went swimmingly! Second, Light Leak in Arizona was one of the favorite prints of the night although the print from the show sold, I've made an online store available to those afar and could not make it. Check it out! 

Shreveport, Louisiana

Went back to Shreveport a few weeks ago and snapped some film while I could. These are some of my favorite neighborhood eats in Shreveport, Louisiana: Superior Bar and Grill, Rhino Coffee, Great Raft Brewery, and Monjuni's.

Screenshot 2015-09-13 10.23.18.png

Okay, and a few more: Byronz Bistro, Norton's Art Gallery (alright, technically not a restaurant, but still a favorite place), Oyster Bar, and Superior Steakhouse. Of course, there are so many I'm missing. Round two coming soon!